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Deb's Wedding pics 6/11
Here they are, just a few.

For the good father, here is your high res shot (2.6 megs). It was a pleasure to meet you, and you really did perform a great, entertaining ceremony.

Upcoming Vegas July 1st-3rd details

If you're reading this you're probably on your way shortly to a great comedy show, a weekend of debotchery, and hunting Tiburon style. Ole!

July 1st-3rd
Mandalay bay VIP Suite:
2 jacuzzis, 2 plasma tv's, full kitchen, sleeps 12 ... you know how we do.
Dane Cook and Dave Atell Show... will be f'ing hilarious.
Other debotcheries:
Clubs, drinking, women, etc. It's Vegas, you get the idea.
Right now with 5 in the room it's $60 a night. Tickets for the show vary... we'll prob get some kicked down for free from the casino, but it's a crap shoot (excuse that pun). If you want guaranteed, buy em... if you don't care, so be it.

Mammoth Mountain February 4-6 '05
A good time was had by all. I'm beat, here's the pics.

Bear Mountain jan 28-30 '05
Pics coming... maybe.

Labor Day Weekend Diving @ The Channel Islands Sept 2-5 '04
Good times, good times. Nothing better than living on a boat with good friends seeing some of the best diving on the coast. Heres the pics.

Biff and Ina's Wedding - Cabo San Lucas '04 Pics

Best wishes on your wedding Biff & Ina. Here's the pictures.
There's also a zipfile (right click and chose "save target as") of all of the pics there if you dont feel like downloading them all.

Halloween '04 Pics
If you are here because you're looking for the halloween pics first, let me say that I had a blast. It was great to see alot of the vegas crew there, as well as hanging with the goddess and the queen... you two are great fun and just as beautiful.

Dorothy looked cute as ever, and special K... hahahahha... how I don't have a pic of that, I don't know. Paris was not as hot as I remember. I'm still disturbed... Babs, you were so funny drinking the bad drink! Bad girl, bad girl.You remember the bad drink and the good drink, right?   Wow, we were all plastered.

Great party Rick, Jim, and Malia!

Browse the halloween pics There's also a zipfile (right click and chose "save target as") of all of the pics there if you dont feel like downloading them all.

Biff's Bachelor Party Pics
If you are here for the bachelor party pics, they are here, but you have to know the code. It is the same code for the Power106 hooptie... if you were in the SUV on the way back, you know it. If you were there and need to know it, email, me.

The bachelor party pics in a folder
 (change "code" for the password, no dashes)

My Car 3KGT/GTO/Stealth Calendar '05 Pics
Here are the selections Chris, let me know what ya need.

Kevins Car

Here's your bling bling pics Kev... new wheels look great.

Import Precision full VLS install video from DVD

Full video, 138.67MB (right click and chose "save target as")